Quebec Skilled Worker Program is Wide Open for Nurses!

Quebec Taking Nurses on Permanent Residence!

The state or province of Quebec is the most favorite destinations across the world for its social, economic and multicultural society. The immigrant lot finds Quebec the best route to fulfill the dreams of a prosperous life in Canada. However the immigration policy on Quebec is somewhat different to any other state or provincial sponsored nominee visa. It is therefore most appropriate to take services of an agency for Quebec immigration.

Nurses continue to be in high demand throughout Canada, due to a national shortage of qualified workers. Nowhere is this need for nurses more pronounced than in Quebec. The province, by pursuing economic and immigration-based programs, has situated itself to become Canada’s newest healthcare hotspot – but only if it can find nurses its needs.

Quebec has implemented the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program to help skilled workers, including nurses, come to the province as Canadian Permanent Residents. The QSW is particularly popular because it allows individuals to apply without receiving a Canadian job offer.

The QSW program targets professionals with experience in one of 111 fields of training/areas of study. Nursing is included on this list of targeted professions. In order to be eligible to apply as a professional nurse an individual must have either:

§  Received a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or (for US-educated nurses) a 2-year nursing degree. This degree must be completed within the past 5 years; or
§  Received a relevant degree over 5 years ago, and worked as a nurse for at least 1 of the past 5 years.

Upon arrival in Quebec, successful QSW applicants are granted Canadian Permanent Residency. This allows them to work for any employer, both inside the Province of Quebec and throughout the rest of Canada, should they take up residence in another province later on under mobility rights of Canada.

Nurses in Quebec are highly sought after professionals with numerous career opportunities. Qualified immigrants are needed every year to help fill the ranks of these professionals. If you are a nurse and are interested in Canadian immigration, Quebec is a province worth considering.

The immigration representative is best equipped to provide the most recent information on a possible Quebec immigration. Canadian Immigration Consultancy plays part of an effective immigration representative to take care of the extensive and complicated immigration guidelines to Quebec.

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